Northern Pacific Railway Company for Yellowstone Park, Puget Sound and Alaska
Northern Pacific Railway Company for Yellowstone Park, Puget Sound and Alaska

Northern Pacific Railway Company for Yellowstone Park, Puget Sound and Alaska

[St. Paul.?]: Northern Pacific Railway; Poole Bros. Engr’s, Chicago, 1895. Chromolithographic map, 24.5” x 18.5” plus margins, text on verso, folding into 15 panel brochure.

A striking and extensively detailed map of Yellowstone National Park, in a Northern Pacific Railway brochure promoting travel to both Yellowstone and Alaska.

This fine map depicts the park and its surrounding areas, with relief represented pictorially. At the top of the map, the Northern Pacific R.R. runs parallel to the northern boundary line of the park, passing through the towns of Livingston and Bozeman, with a spur extending south along the Yellowstone River from Livingston to the Cinnabar, at the park’s northern boundary. The principal road into the park runs from Mammoth Hot Spring to Norris Geyser Basin, then loops by Canon Hotel, Yellowstone Lake, the Upper and Lower Geyser Basins, and Gibbon Canon & Falls, before returning to Norris Geyser Basin.

The territory of Yellowstone progresses from a gray-green in the north to a rich green-brown hue in the south, where the land is more heavily forested. A great multitude of peaks, springs, domes, buttes and other topographical features are identified. Pitchstone Plateau and Two Ocean Plateau occupy the bottom left and right corners of the map. A black dotted line delimits the territory of the National Park, which comprises the majority of the map.

The text on the verso offers a brief history of the park and describes how to reach it via the Northern Pacific, which is the only railway leading there. Extensive information is provided concerning park activities (e.g., fishing, biking, tours) and hotel accommodations, along with three tables of elevations, distances, and notable geysers and springs. Two maps are featured on the verso: one small but extensive map of the Northern Pacific Railway and its many points of connection (spanning from St. Paul, Minnesota to Portland, OR); as well as a topographical map stretching from Seattle and Portland, OR, up to Chilcat, Alaska, bordered by the Pacific Ocean. Also detailed are various Alaska excursions, departing from Tacoma through Puget Sound. Dotted lines indicate various routes and trails. The verso also offers inset photos of the Fountain Hotel and the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel located in Yellowstone, among others.

An interesting and infrequently encountered Northern Pacific Railway brochure, with an excellent map of Yellowstone.

CONDITION: Good, a few small separations at folds and a bit of wear at folds.

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