Item #4136 The Cody Road into Yellowstone Park : Burlington Route.
The Cody Road into Yellowstone Park : Burlington Route.
The Cody Road into Yellowstone Park : Burlington Route.
The Cody Road into Yellowstone Park : Burlington Route.

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The Cody Road into Yellowstone Park : Burlington Route.

[Chicago?, 1912]. Folding brochure, 9” x 3.875” closed, 9” x 7.625” open. 15 pp., 25 b&w illustrations, 1 color map 8.5” x 10”, 1 inset b&w map 3.5” x 6.75”.

Illustrated brochure for the Cody Road into Yellowstone via the Burlington Route of the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy lines.

“Have you ever heard of the Cody Road into Yellowstone Park?” This brochure is happy to educate. Text and photographs “Along the Road” offer something of a guided tour of the route and its sights, giving tantalizing mention to many of its striking features (“scenery and timber on such gigantic scale [that they are] thrilling even to a mountaineer,”) and special attractions (“let it be particularly borne in mind that the trout fishing is not merely good, but distinctly fine”), while other sections describe the itineraries of “Tours Via the Cody Road,” offer an account of “Big Game Hunting” in the Shoshone National Forest, list the many ranches at which visitors may stay, and their various attributes, as well as a more detailed sketch for those uncertain of what “Life on the Ranch” might mean: “The visitor must expect to leave behind the luxuries of civilization but is not required to ‘rough it,’ although he may have all the flavor and surroundings of ‘roughing it’ with none of its hardships.”

The large color map across pages 8 and 9 shows the Cody Road’s circuitous route through Yellowstone National Park, with 14 numbered points indicating notable stops along the way, including Frost and Richard’s Ranch just west of Cody, to Sylvan Lake, Upper Geyser Basin, Obsidian Cliff, Tower Falls, and others. The inset map shows “How to Reach Cody” on the Burlington route, which stretched from Chicago to Denver, with connections and spurs to Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Kansas City, and Billings. The Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Line’s spur to Cody, Wyoming opened in 1901, thereby also opening Yellowstone Park to more substantial tourism.

CONDITION: Good, upper right corner somewhat nibbled, but with no effect on images or text.

Item #4136


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