Item #7511 The Blue-Coats: and How They Lived, Fought and Died for the Union.

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The Blue-Coats: and How They Lived, Fought and Died for the Union.

Philadelphia: National Publishing Co., [1867]. Broadside printed in blue ink, 27.8” x 18”. CONDITION: Good, a few small losses at top along old vertical fold, a few discreet document tape repairs to separation along upper section of vertical fold, a few tiny holes and toning along old horizontal folds in upper half.

An unrecorded publisher’s broadside promoting a work on the Civil War chronicling the personal experience of the Union soldier, including anecdotes, songs, ballads, and humorous incidents of the war.

Advertised here as including over 500 pages and more than 100 illustrations of Union and Confederate officers as well as scenes of battle, The Blue Coats (Philadelphia: National Publishing Co., 1867) by Captain John Truesdale comprises a range of narratives of personal adventure, thrilling incidents, daring exploits, heroic deeds, etc. The publisher’s note that a certain portion of the War will never enter into the regular histories—nor be embodied in romance or poetry—which is nevertheless a very real part of it, and will, if preserved, convey to succeeding generations a better idea of the spirit of the conflict than many “dry reports or careful narratives of events.” This portion “may be called the Gossip, the Fun, the Pathos of the War,” which illustrates the character of the leaders, the humor of the soldiers, the devotion of women, the bravery of men, the pluck of our heroes, and the romance and hardships of the service.

From the beginning of the War, Truesdale collected anecdotes illustrative of the conflict, which are cataloged rather breathlessly here:

Striking instances of loyalty to the flag and valor in its defense, Bravery on the Battlefield and Quarter Deck; Examples of Youthful Courage in the storm of combat; Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry in line of action—the tramp and onset; Extraordinary fortitude under suffering; undaunted heroism in death; the roll of fame and story. Reminiscences of Victory and Disaster; of Camp, Picket, Spy, Scout, Bivouac and Siege, with feats of Daring; Bold and Brilliant Marches; Remarkable Cases of Sharp Shooting; Hand-to-hand encounters; Startling Surprises; Drollery and Repartee; Famous Words and Deeds of Woman. Sanitary and Hospital Scenes; Prison Experiences; Partings and Re-unions; Last Words of the Dying, with affecting illustrations of the home affections and mementoes of the tender passion; Final Scenes and Events in the Great Drama,—and all those momentous hours, acts and movements, the memory of which will live in letters of blood before the eyes, and burn like fire in the hearts of those who participated in them—these sifted like gold, are here presented in all their attractions.

The broadside also calls for agents to sell the book. The strong interest in the work, its low price ($2.50 per copy), together with the very liberal commission, are said to make it one of the best subscription books ever published—presenting agents a good opportunity to make money. “Times are dull, and the people won’t buy books unless they can get Standard Works, and get them cheap.” Agents who are “wasting their time” canvassing for high-priced books—of which they can only sell four or five copies a day—are encouraged to send for circulars, see their terms, and read a full description of the work. Five addresses of the National Publishing Co. are provided, in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, and Georgia. A note of caution appears at the bottom regarding faux-copies of the book in circulation at the time.

In 1911, Truesdale authored Camp, Battlefield and Hospital, Containing the Thrilling Stories Told by the Heroes of Our Nation (Philadelphia, PA, National Pub. Co.), which consisted of the first 255 pages of The Blue Coats.

A rare and very appealing publisher’s broadside.

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Item #7511

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