Lincoln and Johnson Union Ticket. One Flag, One Country, One Government. Republican Party, Mass.

Lincoln and Johnson Union Ticket. One Flag, One Country, One Government.

[Cambridge, Mass.:] John Ford, printer, Harvard Square, [1864]. Illustrated broadside, 11.5” x 5”, plus margins, printed in black, red, and blue; text and illustration within red and blue ruled border.

An illustrated broadside promoting the “Union Ticket” and Lincoln and Johnson’s bid for reelection in 1864, addressing voters in Massachusetts Congressional district No. 4.

The National Union Party was the name the Republican Party adopted for the 1864 national ticket. Seeking to win over Democrats who opposed Lincoln and his handling of the Civil War, the NUP contended that the North was actually winning the war and would restore the Union in the near future. At the top of this broadside, surrounding an illustration of the the American flag, is the NUP motto, “We vote, as our soldiers and sailors fight, for liberty and the union.” Listed below are the names of those running on the Union ticket in Massachusetts, including would-be electors of President and Vice President at large, Edward Everett of Boston and Whiting Griswold of Greenfield; ten district electors; District 4 candidate for U. S. Representative, Samuel Hooper of Boston; for Governor of Massachusetts, John A. Andrew; for Lieut. Governor, Joel Hayden of Williamsburg; and a host of candidates for lower level offices.

Born in Boston, John Ford (1807–1887) became a printer in 1832, and in 1833 started publishing the Boston Mercantile Journal. In 1858, he went into business as a job and pamphlet printer in Harvard Square, where he worked until his death.

WorldCat locates just two copies, at Harvard and the Library of Congress.

REFERENCES: Cambridge Tribune, Vol. X, No. 10 (Cambridge, Mass., 14 May 1887), p. 1.

CONDITION: Very good, light toning at margins.

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