Item #5718 Iron Mountain Route! St. Louis to Texas! Iron Mountain St. Louis, Southern Railway Company.
Iron Mountain Route! St. Louis to Texas!

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Iron Mountain Route! St. Louis to Texas!

St. Louis: St. Louis Globe-Democrat Job Print; Woodward, Tiernan & Hale, Map Engr’s, 1878. Broadsheet with map, 20.75” x 6.5”, plus margins printed in black and red. Map size, 11” x 5”. Faded purple stamp of agent Henry H. Hannan.

A scarce and attractive promotional broadsheet with map issued by the St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern Railway, advertising special railway offers to emigrants headed to Texas.

This broadsheet announces cheap excursion tickets, free baggage (up to 200 lbs.), and reduced emigrant rates for departures from St. Louis on the Short Line Route which runs through Arkansas into Texas. A table of rates on the verso lists first class and emigrant rates. The Texas Short Line extends from St. Louis, Missouri to Galveston and Austin, and cuts diagonally across the map, with various spurs along the way, including intersections the Texas & Pacific R’y and the International & Great Northern R’y. Interested parties seeking assistance, information on Texas, maps, time-tables, rates of fare, etc., are encouraged to call upon or address the nearest of the railroad’s Agents (located in Missouri, Chicago, New York City, and Ohio), whose names are provided on both recto and verso.

The St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern Railway began selling off land holdings in Arkansas in the mid-1870s and continued to do so into the early twentieth century. WorldCat records some twenty maps published by the railroad company promoting land it owned in Arkansas issued around this time-period. These lands extended from the northernmost point of the state around Little Rock to the line’s southern terminus in Texarkana. The company offered various inducements for settlers, deep discounts for putting money down, as well as reduced freight should homesteaders wish to transport their belongings via the railway. As demonstrated by the present broadsheet, the railroad also capitalized on emigration to Texas.

WorldCat records only three copies, at Yale, Princeton, and University of Texas at Arlington.

CONDITION: Very good, upper-half of right margin rough cut.

Item #5718

Price: $1,250.00