Item #7912 Vote for Woman Suffrage Nov. 2nd.

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Vote for Woman Suffrage Nov. 2nd.

[New York, 1915]. Poster printed in blue and gold, 20” x 13.25”. CONDITION: Good, upper left corner torn away and reattached, recently backed with Japanese tissue.

A bold poster for New York’s 1915 suffrage campaign—the forerunner to the 1917 referendum which made New York the first eastern state to grant women the right to vote.

Printed in the Empire State Campaign’s classic colors of blue and gold, this poster exhorts the New York’s male voters to support women’s suffrage in the November 2nd, 1915 referendum. Although the amendment failed, the campaign generated significant momentum for the passage of women’s right to vote both at the state level, with a second referendum in 1917, and at the national level, with the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920. Just ten days before New York’s 1915 referendum, Carrie Chapman Catt and Dr. Anna Shaw led a massive march—the largest in New York City’s history up to that time—with nearly forty thousand women walking a five mile route that “all but shut down” the city (Blakemore) and overwhelmed onlookers. When New York’s 1917 referendum granted women the right to vote, it was thanks entirely to support from New York City voters. New York State’s success in turn gained traction for the national campaign—part of Catt’s two-pronged “Winning Plan,” in which the pursuit of state and national suffrage went hand in hand.

REFERENCES: Blakemore, Erin. “The Real Women's Suffrage Milestone That Just Turned 100,” Time, October 23, 2015 online.

Item #7912

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